Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I think I met someone

So I wasn't looking, but I looked--one of those ads on Craigslist I read when I am lonely.
Only this time, I answered it.
And I talked on the phone to the man last night.
And I met him today for coffee, face to face.
And he may be someone who could fit into my life--much to my surprise (and of course it is too early to tell).
What I like about him:

  • Dominant, but not sadistic
  • Polyamorist, but not committed
  • Without a significant other
  • Seeking an LTR with a sensual sub
  • Open to exploring
  • Communicative and funny
  • Seems honest
  • Knows a (fairly large) number of people I know--shared frame of reference is always a good recommendation for friendship and connection

Where we go from here remains to be seen..I don't know him at all--but the potential for this to work, the sense we both want similar things, is really there--the thing to see is if we will want them with one another.

1 comment:

His fucktoy said...

i came here just to express joy over the last comment you'd left for me and well! have i been surprised!

You have a blooming possibility!!! (i haven't gotten to the "for toy" yet) but i wanted to express yet another round of joy for this possibility that probably has you smiling, excited, and walking with an extra special bounce in your step!!

i'm elated for you!
Now onto the post for me...