Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Holidays for sluts

Pixie, over at tribe.net, posted something that spoke to me about sluts and these winter holidays:
"Am I the only one that goes through the "whose-family-are-we-spending-THIS-holiday-with" stuff? This year for Thanksgiving, we decided to spend it together at home and told all extended families, "We love you all - and we're staying home & not visiting anyone for Thanksgiving this year". Hannukah/Yule/Christmas got a little more disjointed, with visits to various houses. Even so, there were family members who felt left out, didn't get visited, only got to see one of us or whatnot. And then one of the kids at a family gathering this year asked why two of us had matching collars... "

I'm san lovers this week, home alone and horny as hell while D is off visiting his other partner's family--and some of his own family--neither of whom know about me. The temptation to call up some old date, like the nice older man I went out with--twice?--5 months ago--is powerful.

I would love to be spanked and restrained and flogged and plugged and fucked tonight, oh god, would I love that! But I don't want to have a one night stand, and I do not want to start something I am not interested in continuing--I want to meet a younger Dom, someone more compatible with me, and build a fire with that person. But hey, it feels like a waste, I am so horny this holiday, I keep giving myself these killer orgasms!

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