Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Making myself come

It's Christmas weekend and the boyfriend is gone, I have sworn off others and I am horny as hell--isn't that what vibrators are for? When no one else is available, the best thing to do is make glorious love to oneself, so here's the story of my little interlude of passion earlier today.
First of all, there's the vibrator--the big one with the nice soft tip, and then there's the lub--cool and slippery and pseudo-wet. Then there's me crawling naked under the sheets, deep into the nice clean bed, with the blinds pulled shut and the light diffused.
I lie back against the pillows and open my legs, letting my hands creep down to my crotch, to the smooth skin and soft curls and the moist tender flesh, lips to be parted and gently stroked with one finger moistened with spit from my mouth, tracing a trail along the lips. I arch my back and close my eyes, knowing what will soon come, how I can pleasure myself into an orgasm of the most intense sort, as gasping and headbanging as anything D can deliver (but not as much fun by myself).
Before I get started, I reach for the lube, wet myself up and get the vibrator buzzing before I slowly insert it, pushing the tip so it hits the g-spot just right. As the vibrator buzzes inside, I reach down and circle my clit with my fingertip, stroking softly till I feel aroused. Then, I start to fantasize, to dream:

  • A man comes into my living room. He's my master, but I don't know him very well. "On your knees," he says to me, and as I kneel down he feeds me his cock, thrusting it into my open mouth until I choke, overwhelmed, and until he's made me drool and drip with spit.
  • And then he's grabbing my breasts, sucking the nipples hard, handling the sensitive tips, pulling and twisting until I want to scream with pleasure, until I am gasping.
  • And then there's the moment he reaches over between my legs, a thumb parting my legs, his hand reaching inside me, pulling me open, shoving fingers into that ready spot, wet and throbbing and wanting more.
And then I come, over and over again, hard against my hand, hard against the vibrating rod, hard against the soft padding of the bed, hard and hard and oh so good.
And then I'm done, and I put the vibrator aside, and turn my head and smile and sleep, knocked out and ready to dream.

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Master Enigma said...

very nice...

Isn't it amazing how powerful the orgasm is when the fantasy is just right?

Happy New Year!