Monday, December 04, 2006

Deeper Better Deeper

I've been sleeping with--and seeing D for about a year--and the sex just keeps getting better. We know each other now--know the curves of our bodies, the magic buttons to push--but somehow that familiarity has become exciting.
The way D presses against me, rubbing his body on mine till his cock is as hard as a rock. How his hands grip my hips, caressing the curves. Our lips as we kiss, over and over. My hand on his neck, tracing the muscle's swell. How we hold one another, hugging and touching, so close we have to fuck.
And then there's how D's weight pins me down as he climbs on top of me, how pressed into the mattress I feel, how pinned, as he grunts and pushes his way into my pussy, into my heart. "Look how wet you are, you little slut," he likes to say. "You're always so wet and juicy for me. You want my big hard cock inside you,don't you--don't you?" (Those words always accompanied by a mind-bending thrust that puts his cock right against my g-spot and makes me gasp.)
"Oh, yes," I say, head thrown back. "Yes."
I love his cock and the way it feels inside me.
His heavy weight towering over me.
The way he flips me over, fast and hold my hips just so so he can drive it in, deep, once again.
And how open to him I am as he thrusts, deep and deeper.
Ahh, there's so much pleasure between us.
So much joy and so much fun.
"You make me crazy," he says as we lie there, cuddled together.
"Spontaneous combustion," I think, but say nothing, savoring that moment in his arms.

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