Monday, November 06, 2006

Dominated in a different way

D isn't that tall, but he's brawny, powerful, with a thick chest, wide torseo, brawny shoulders, strong hands. Is it any wonder, then, that I love the feeling of him lying on top of me, shoving his cock against my legs. Like a battering ram, his cock shoves against my pussy lips, thrusting to get inside, to feel my lips smoothly part.
Our game is that I will never refuse him, that I will make love to him or just let him fuck me anytime, and he delights in rubbing up against me till his short, thick cock gets hard and till his stabbing, shoving motions push him right in to what is quickly a moist and welcoming cunt.
"You little slut, look how wet you are," he likes to say as he looms above me, thrusting hard. "You like it when I shove my cock in you, don't you," he stammers, as he flips me over, doggie-style and drives it right in.
I love the feeling of his body relentlessly pounding mine, his thick torso pinning me down, his heavy hands holding my hips just so as he drives his cock home. At those moments, I feel as dominated, as possessed as I sometimes did with Z, but the currency here is fucking and passion, not pain.
We have spontaneous combustion, we like to joke, and after D's final orgasm, when he's curled in a wet and sticky heap beside me, I like to daintily clean him off with my tongue, a sleek cat delicately lapping, a submissive looking for a(nother) service to provide.


Marvin said...

A wonderful post about the sexual dynamic -- how partners know each other and play to each other accordingly.

I need some of that myself when I see Ella again in a few weeks ...

Pandora said...

I found you through V, Grace's Plaything. I am enjoying this blog very much. :)