Sunday, September 24, 2006

D/s and the Movies

Saw My Fair Lady tonight, and decided Phanton of the Opera isn't the only movie/show whose story had D/s elements I didn't see until I learned a little more about BDSM.
In MYF, Higgins desires to create a perfect object, to mold a woman to meet his requirements, and Eliza complies perfectly, letting the master be her teacher in all things.
Is there a D/s component in other films I missed?
Inquiring minds want to know.

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His fucktoy said...

silence of the lambs series

more S&M dynamic, though, more psychological-focused

i was so addicted to all three parts... so addicted, until i discovered bdsm formally. It all makes sense.

Oh, and i was always obsessed with phantom. i never put two adn two together that it's a D/s dynamic until discovering the bdsm world i live in.

it all makes so much sense...