Sunday, May 14, 2006

It has been so long since we have been together

Z's touch makes me shiver when he slips his hand inside my pants and gently tugs them down. I lean back to give him more access between my thighs, and shiver with excitement as his hand strokes my pussy in ever widening circles, his thumb pushing between the folds, a finger stroking me from the inside.
Soon, I am thrusting against his hand, feeling so good to be touched by him again, and he has turned me over and is spanking my butt, hard, heavy slaps that drive his hand deeper between my legs. It hurts me, he is hurting me , but it feels so good I almost cry. I've waited so long for him to touch me this way, to take control and make me screan and now that it is happening I almost sob with a mix of pleasure and pain.
After a while, Z pushes me down toward his cock and lies back. "Suck me," he commands.
Eagerly, I take him in my mouth, feeling him, long and hard, deep in the back of my throat.
He pushes and thrusts and as I angle to take him in as far as possible, he flips me over and spanks me with one hand, the other probing inside me as I choke and gag.
When I am on top of Z, his hard cock in my wet pussy, he slaps my breasts and holds my throat.
"Ride your Master's cock," he says, and I do, feeling every thrust, every stroke until the moment we both explode, and quiet, then rest.

There is no other feeling like that I have with Z, no one else who touches me in this way.

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Naughty Girl said...

That is so Hot! Love your blog.