Monday, May 29, 2006

The quickie, or nap with benefits

I pick D up at the airport. His other partner is out of town. All the way home to his place, I have been hoping we will have sex. Sure enough, as soon as we're inside and he's put the luggage away, he says "Hey,I'm tired, do you want to take a nap?"
"Sure,"I say, and I take off everything but my black lace panties, black lace bra and white wife beater (I think they look hot together). D gets into bed without any of his clothes, so I know this is a nap with benefits.
Sure enough."Your ass is so cold, want me to warm it up?"D says. I hope for a spanking, but no, he's humping my leg, rubbing himself against my curves as he fondles my breasts. I put away my spanking wish (that's what Z would do) and give myself to the pleasure of the moment, to being used by this lovely man and making him feel good.
(D once called me his fuck toy ;I think he meant it, and I do aim to please...)
"Wait,"I say, and I bend over and take him in my mouth so he can fuck my face, thrusting and humping just like my mouth's a pussy, an idea that gets me totally turned on, especially as he grabs the back of my head to shove his cock deeper into my throat. We go like this till I am drooling and choking and wet and he is hot as anything and then he flips me over, doggy style, the way we both like it, and thrusts his cock into my pussy.
"You're so wet," he says, though it feels like only seconds have passed. "Do you like that, do you?"
He fucks me hard, his balls slapping against my thighs, his cock hitting my g-spot till it feels so good. All too soon for me, he is coming, shooting hard into me, moaning and gasping and drained.
"Sorry it was so fast," he says, stroking my side."I was really horny....It's been a week."
"Oh, no worries,"I say, smiling and turning over. "It was good."What I don't say, what I am thinking is I love it that you are so hot for me..I relish the idea you can't keep your hands off me...I want your come inside me so I am your slut...Better you screw me than her...But I don't share any of that, I just smile and say,"Mmmnn, think I am ready for that nap," and when D goes downstairs to make phone calls I put my hand between my legs and masturbate like crazy till I come, hard, imagining all the things I wish we'd done and the things I do with Z I will never do with D. And then, I am relaxed and I go to sleep and when I wake up an hour later I feel great and it's still before 11 am.

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Marvin said...

One of your best posts.

I have a new love for doggy. More tales of that to come.