Sunday, May 21, 2006


D and I are in my bed, stoned on the pot we smoked outside. We haven't seen one another all week, and I am so hungry for him, so eager to taste his lips, feel his hands on me, curl my arms around his strong thighs. We hug and we kiss and his mouth is as hungry as mine, reaching inside to tease my tongue.
Soon he is stroking my breasts, and I am curled so he can put his mouth on my pussy as I suck his cock, as he pumps strong and steady into my throat. His tongue and fingers tease my clit, then reach inside to that magic g-spot. I open to one finger and two, and he pumps harder in my throat and I take him down deeper, and his fingers dig into my cunt, hard, more fingers I think, and the stretched-feeling hurts so good, there's such a fine edge.
We fuck and moan and press into one another and he's making me come, over and's so good I want to scream. We make love for what seems like hours, kissing and touching and it's all good.
He flips me over and drives deep into my pussy.I am wet and hot and back up to take him more fully into me, my head slammed down into the pillows as he thrusts, hard, over and over. Soon, he is keening, that high rhythmnic moan that means he is going to come--only this time it goes on forever, so noisy, so raw, it makes me more excited just to listen to him, to feel him shuddering inside me, shaking, after he comes.
(Later, D says that he fisted me, almost, that I was so excited, so open he put five fingers in, the thumb up to the first joint, and I tell his that's amazing, that usually that's far too much for me.)

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