Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hot, sexy and (almost) out of control (dancing naked in public)

I'm naked and so is almost everyone else in the dark room.
We're dancing, one by one and in small groups, filled with the spirit of earth water fire air.
The music shifts to "Thank you for letting be myself" and I am shaking it, enjoying the new fluidity in my body, the ease with which I can bend and stretch and move, the vibrant flexibility that lets me shake my ass all the way down to the floor.
For the first time in my life, I am dancing naked--without a stitch on--in front of 30+ other people, in a closed-group network I recently joined, moving quickly across the room, filled with energy. It feels amazing, I feel grounded and center in my body and I feel sexy as hell, aware of all the men--and women--taking looks at me, at the full-bodied woman who can bend to the floor and shake her ass like she must be great in bed, who is smiling with pleasure as she feels the hot summer sweat bead along her back and the dancing edge of her legs.
After the dancing, all these men come to talk to men; men I have met before and men who are new to me--men who have partners and men who do not--men who are broken up about past hurts and as guarded as one can get and men who say they are happy and open and whose calm faces suggest it's true.
It feels so good to get all this attention, this energy, this interest--it makes me feel so hot, so powerful--and I like the interest directed my way...even if I'm not planning to do much with it.


ella said...

I bet you felt fantastic, so sexy and alive! What a great feeling!

Jefferson said...

Oh, that was you??!

exile said...

i would give anything to feel like that

RobbieG said...

Plum, I just had to say that you have a very fine ass my dear!