Monday, June 26, 2006


It's the collar around my neck, and the cuffs.
The blindfold and the leash.
You clip me down so I cannot move,
blindfold me so I cannot see,
gag me so I cannot speak.
And then you begin to touch.
Your touch is light against my skin,
caressing my back, my legs, my thighs,
moving in to stroke my mound, the flesh
warming to your touch.
Your fingers spread me open, enter and probe,
rub my clit, stroke and pat and pinch until
I open to you like a tunnel
and your hand is a train you can ride right in.
And then you're touching me, and it's hard,
and I want to scream and moan, but I'm held down
and gagged and then you start to slap me, firmly, hard,
and it's the cyclone, the magic carpet ride, the circus where I
come and come again until I am spent, until you are ready
to use me
for the next thing
you decide you want.

1 comment:

exile said...

control is power

power is sexy

giving someone permission to be that powerful is just a little more sexy.