Friday, April 20, 2007

Words for love: The cuddle puddle and then some

After almost four months together, Andre and I are getting those phrases couples use as their own language, the shorthand of connection.

  • Cuddle puddle is the holding time after we made love (and after I've squirted all ove and dampened at least one big towel)
  • Pussy mouth is the way I position my head beside his cock as we lie on the bed and suck him deep throat as he pumps hard into my mouth
  • A good licking means mind-blowing oral sex, the full treatment, till I come and come
  • Do you want to get fucked? means I want to come inside you
  • Hurt me a little means bite my nipples or spank my pussy

And Please, well, please means the universe is exploding, kinda.

Do you have phrases you use with a partner for love and or sex activities?

What are they?

1 comment:

Andre said...


These words are so familiar! Plum, you forgot one term... Turn around... my impolite term(not optional or negotiable) for I need you now, this is usually after I've used your pussy mouth for a while and just want to explode and fill you with my juices, sometimes used when you have to go off to work and I want you to remember the moment