Sunday, April 22, 2007

Radiant energy and being hit on

At Girl's birthday party today, several sex-positive friends of the lucky woman and her men(two) expressed interest in moi.

"Plum, would you like the go on a date with me?"(Long-married, poly father of two, husband to major local pain-slut.

"Uh, Plum, how'd you like to spend the night with me tonight? Are you free?" (Another married guy, also poly.)

"Fair lady, I'd like to get my hands on you and show you what D/s really is." (Dom at the party).

"Wow, you have a great ass!" Do you kiss girls?" (A fellow submissive, also poly.)

Besides this crew, there were at least 5 other people who told me I looked great, described how hot they thought I was, or asked if they could fondle me (and of course I said yes.)

One of the guys walked right up to me and Andre, interrupted our conversation, and asked me out. Another came over and sat down without without checking if he was welcome right then.

And then there was the guy who wanted to tell me all his safe sex rules--as if I was going to let him have me (Unlike the rest the folks at this fairly close community, he and I had never even met).

I left the party feeling great that I was so desirable to people, but newly aware what a pain sexual attraction and attention can be--some of these guys were like bees and a flower, or dogs around a bitch in heat, and I swear to God, it t'weren't anything I wuz doin'.

Update: Andre said I might have been insensitive by posting this so quickly after we talked, without really warning him, and on reflection, this sometimes-defensive woman thinks he might have been right.
I am sorry, sweetie. I''ll move less quickly and check in with you next time.

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