Sunday, April 29, 2007

Andre's been shaved before.......

Plum doesn't know this, but I had also shaved my pubes for a while.

I was dating a woman who didn't like hair. This was pretty funny since my middle name is Werewolf.

When I met M, a sub, she announced that she didn't like any facial hair. Being the pleaser that I am, I shaved my beard. Yes, I was curious about being clean shaved. My beard was with me about 25 years, most friends had never seen me without. I scarcely remembered myself without it. Of course, I did get some concessions from my sub in return for shaving!

It's funny, when I shaved it off, some liked it, some didn't. Most thought I looked younger.

The rest of the story is that, it wasn't only the beard that went. M didn't like the pubes au naturale either. She shaved me as service to me. I found it rather erotic to have a sub shave me. I liked the attention and the frequent quality control checks. It was a whole new sensation. Of course, M was always shaved smooth, and I loved doing quality control checks on her!

Now, Plum didn't know this. She had seen pictures of me without my beard. She probably wouldn't be surprised about the shaved pubes, now she understands a little bit more about why I don't wear underwear........

I love the idea that Plum is shaved. So child-like, so playful, so mine!

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