Thursday, April 12, 2007

Plum's gift to Andre

Plum squirts again!

While making love, there is little more erotic to me than a woman who squirts. Plum usually has at least 10 orgasms in our love making sessions. She needs little foreplay and with a few while chosen words and me massaging her g-spot, she can be gushing in less than a minute. The reality is that we are much more that just squirting. It is the outward manifestation of her gift to me. She is giving me the ultimate gift of her womanhood, her soul, and her needs.

I give her cunt a good workout, I am always amazed at how much she can take, in a really excited mood, I hook my fingers into her cunt around the pubic bone and shake her like a rag doll while keeping two finger tips pressed against her G-spot.

I've learned just how to touch her. As I explore Plum's g-spot with my 2nd and 3rd finger, I can feel her cunt tighten. She milks my fingers as I touch her. She works her muscles hungrily as I zero in on the spots I know will cause her to have an explosive orgasm and loose control. When planned right, we place a bath towel under her ass, otherwise we will soak the bed with her sweet nectar.

For Plum, squirting can occur in many positions. Our simplest is her laying on her back with her legs in the air. Her nectar is always nearly odorless and sometimes almost on the sweet side.

Plum orgasms and squirts and then recovers very quickly. I love to coax just one more cum from her. I've taken 5 or 6 in 10 minutes time, with me saying that each one will be the last one. The last 3 will be as she begs for mercy. If I really press her, I'll sometimes, for an extra reward, nibble on a breast and nipple, or touch her throat. This is sensory overload for her, and her protestations become very confused. Bringing her to this point makes me really hard and I love to give a good hard fucking for my ultimate award.

So vulnerable, so depraved, so submissive. so very sweet.......... so very intimate. I love her.

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