Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Held down and rubbed, hard

"On your hands and knees," Andre says, and I get up on the bed in that classic naked slut position, ass in the air.

I can look in the mirror as he shoves his hand inside me, holding me flat with one hand, while rubbing me with the other.

"Oh, oh, oh." I always say the same thing, moan from the back of my throat the same way, feel the same amazing excitement as he teases my g-spot over and over, fingering my ever-wettening cunt till I'm begging for him to press the joyspot buzzer and help me see stars.

"Do you want it? Do you want to get fucked?" he asks, and I say 'Yes, please, fuck me, fuck me with your hand, hard," and when he does it's magic all over again, a series of crescendos as I come and come and come, only this time he's holding me down so I can barely move.

That sense of being restrained, of being held down and controlled is so exciting, so hot,that by the time Andre is done, I'm just so stoned, so sexually thrilled and muddled.

We hug and kiss and cuddle, and I doze against his broad chest.

And then, after a while, he looks at me with those green wolf eyes. "I think you need another one," he says. "I definitely think you can come again."

And then, he makes sure I do. And it's so good this time, it's better than ever.

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