Monday, April 09, 2007

Night, and morning

The way Andre and I cuddle up together at night is so delicious, so satisfying, it makes me never want to let him go.

And the positions!

There's falling asleep curled against his back, one arm thrown over his (gigantic) side, and then there's falling asleep cuddled in his arms, my back tucked against his check, his long legs thrown over my side so firmly I feel like I an nested inside a cave.

And then there's touching back to back as we face opposite sides, our skins the curve of whales meeting in the ocean, the cool air drawing us together into deep, warm touch.

When it's dark and late in the evening and I get up to pee, Andre's hand flutters and touches my arm. In the early morning light, he reaches for me and holds me close and I love the feeling of curling against him.

And then, there's the morning, when waking up next to him is equally delicious.

First, there's his smile in the morning, in the still dim light, as he wakes in my bed and sees me there. The peace and delight in his eyes is as bright as a child's and it makes me reach for him and hold him tight.

"Good morning," he says, or "Hello," and my response is always to smile and then curl up in his arms.

Very soon, I will be touching his body and stroking his arms, his legs and his stiffening cock, very soon I will be petting and caressing him with my eager hands, wanting us to wake from sleep together into a paradise of loving smiles and loving touch, the perfect way to begin the day.

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