Thursday, April 19, 2007

He Said, She Said, She Loves It

Plum gave her side of being pinned down, here is mine!

The mood is set by four candles eerily lighting Plum's bedroom.

I make Plum start out in my favorite position, head down and ass up on the bed. Plum already knows where this is going because I have tripled folded a large bath towel to place under her. My left hand caresses her plump and ripe breasts, and my right hand begins rubbing her glistening wobbly bits that are lite from the candles on the top of the dresser at the foot of her bed.

I realize that these candles are of the larger variety and I have good visibility just about level with the her pink pussy lips. I like to tease and pull her beautiful lips. I marvel at making them into a butterfly. I expose her clit. I love to make her squirm. I don't talk much as I grow more incessant in my examination. I get buried in my work sometimes..... more literally this time than most.

I love that first moaned 'ahhhh' as I enter her. The little gasp as I enter her quickly makes my heart flutter. I withdraw so I can set it up again. I caress her some more until I spend more time inside her than outside.

I give her wet pussy a pretty good workout with 3 and then 4 fingers. I know that Plum likes to feel filled. I go back to 2 fingers and do a little dance on her clit. I build and back off a number of times. Plum comes hard as I let her go. I like controlling her. The next will be quicker. As usual I love to squeeze a bunch of orgasms from her. I view myself as taking them from her. The fact that she gives them up freely is of little consequence after the first 5-7. I am in control and she knows it.

As the orgasms slow down, I brink out the ultimate weapon. I leave her breast and use my free hand to spank her. I am not gentle with her. I want her to be surprised. We're past the point of knowing whether I am out of control, so I just wail on her. She comes back to life and is good for 3 or 4 more cums. This is when she squirts the most. She is completely mine at this point.

I keep taking her hard until she collapses on the bed in a spasming heap of cunt meat. She is very much worn out after having yielded her body and soul to me.

I feel like I have just come hard myself. I'll recover quickly and give her a good fucking. I pin her to the bed by massaging her g-spot by pressing decidedly downwards as though I am making sure her clit is making firm contact with the bed sheet. She can not summon the energy to raise herself off the bed. I take one more orgasm as a victory lap. She is mine.

I say 'wow' out loud as I realize that she has now yielded completely to my will. Only two fingers deftly massaging her g-spot, keep her right where I want her. We have each give the other our most precious gift, our my private act that drives our souls.

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