Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Part 1 - Plum's First Public Scene, a ripening

We had looked forward to this play party for weeks. Plum eagerly awaited her first submission to me in public, a symbolic sign to the world.

I packed the toy bag as Plum got dressed, several outfits were selected before settling on a darling corset that was innocent enough when worn under a top with jeans, but showed the tops of her creamy breasts when more was revealed. We were going shopping first, so street attire was needed. The metamorphosis would occur later.

We arrived a little early at the dungeon. I decided that I wanted a particular St. Andrews cross in a corner play space. Not too distracting, but within view of most attending We agreed to the house rules as we signed the obligatory waiver that essentially indemnified the club for any liability that resulted from anything I wanted to do to Plum.

The Dungeon Master was there to make sure we played safely. We were assigned a locker that was mildly reminiscent of being in a high school locker room years ago, but now it was coed.

Off came her street clothes. I put her collar on with great affection, it is our symbol of love and trust. Her trendy boots gave way to delicious heels that looked good with her crotchless fishnets.

Plum was transformed from a kicky little woman who was attending her first public play party to a hot little slut who's major desire was to please me. I was so happy she was there with me.

We went and found that the spot I wanted was free. She became very pensive as I led her there and began to setup the toys I selected for her first public scene; an assortment of floggers, canes, and various tools of personal torment.

The cross was sturdy and securely fastened to the wall. It was over seven foot tall which dwarfs Plum's petite statue. Plum balked when I stretched her cuffed arms towards the I-hooks that were almost two feet over her head; we negotiated using some chain to make it lower for her. This was the last negotiation we would do for a while. She was mine.

I removed Plum's corset, and then fishnets, it's a shame because they looked so slutty, but I didn't want to risk destroying them when I flogged and caned her. Of course, I had good access for spanking her, but better to be safe than sorry.

Placed face towards the wall, Plum's bare back and ass looked so delectable. Words like juicy, taunting, curvaceous, and enticing all came to mind.

Starting lightly with the bunny flogger which has a mixture of fur and deer leather, I began to work her over so nicely. I watched her flinch as I tested her.

A little jump here or there as I flogged harder to get her attention. Varied strokes got varied reactions. I like teasing, so doing the unexpected can be counted upon.

I love how my little sub flinches, jumps, and moans. I take her to the point where she may 'yellow', our safeword that says slow down, I am near my limit. I test her limits and try to stay on the edge. I tease her with 'good cop, bad cop' strokes. I use my nails on her back and shoulders.

I reach around and play with her large nipples that are now so erect and hard, as I press my body against her roughly. I love pulling, stretching, and twisting their pink tips. At one point I make her dance. We check in a lot. She is lost in her own thoughts.

I decide I want her hooded. Plum has a great black spandex hood that allows access to her mouth and eyes. It is erotic and oh so slutty. We use it as one of those items that is symbolic of her submissiveness, a trigger for both of us. I also blindfold her as well. Cuffed and blindfolded removes more of her freedom as I continue to mark my territory. Her cute ass reddens as I use floggers, canes, and slappers with little mercy.

To be continued........

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