Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Owned--and intimate

I've read and admired--and often been amused by--couple's blogs. Griz and Goodgirl, Kaya and her master, Toy and her Darklord, Goose and Gander, Pink and Brat, and lots of others over the 18 months of reading sex and erotic blogs.

And now I'm at that moment where I've made the leap and invited someone else from my real world into my world of sex blogging right here. Wow. I am surprised--but it just feels right.

The kind of passion and intimacy I am building with Andre makes me want to not only give myself to him, but to reveal and share a more secret self, and in that to both create a deeper bond with him and give us this space to share and interact in.

Just as I have real world connections with some of the (sex) bloggers I read, Andre and I can write about ourselves, each other, and whatever is on our mind, and use that as a way to achieve greater intimacy--and if it doesn't work out, I just delete him.

(Okay, that's an evil joke.)

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DL's toy said...

That's so cool. i need to read up and see how this will pan out. Exciting.