Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A dream come true

Since this blog is new to me, I started reading some of Plum's old blog entries as a catch-up. I relish the fact that I am the subject of some, and that I know the others Plum writes about. I found myself aching and wishing Plum and I were here(or there) together tonight.

I find it erotic to not touch myself( polite speak for jerk-off ) as I get aroused at Plum's writing and thoughts, ….. it is HER JOB TO SERVICE MY NEEDS… and she does it sooooo well!

I very much see a new intimacy here as we make this transition and shift. I always knew she loved me, but seeing them in writing is a whole other realm. We deepen our thoughts and share them with others as a declaration to the world of our love.

It is amazing. I have dreamed of relationships like ours as I read couples blogs previously. It is so erotic to be in one.

I marvel that ours' is a complete relationship. Sharing everything together, vanilla and otherwise. Yes, we smile when we say, 'if they only knew the whole truth'.

No deceit here, we just share on a need to know basis.

Plum, I cherish you and want your body and soul!

Plain and simple! We have so much to give each other............ and we will!


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DL's toy said...

That's a really nice post to read. i like it when Dom's get involved. i think this is just great *beam*

ps- my word verification word is "toyyee"

that's not ironic!