Friday, April 13, 2007

Part 2 - Plum's First Public Scene, a ripening

Plum is being used in her first public scene. She's chained to the Saint Andrews cross in the basement of a public dungeon, arms held high, naked, vulnerable, so giving, so open, and so deliciously lovely and juicy.

Her ass is reddened, I turn her around, I've had enough of her backside. I love her breasts, they are so pert. Her nipples are large and very red. They are so suckable, and begging to be taunted. I love breast torture, and am spurred on when she reminds me that they seem to be hard-wired to her clit. It stirs my cock as I remember her standing there.

I take a flogger and lightly begin a sensuous stroke. Not too hard at first, I want her to savor it, and embrace the play. I start with a furry flogger to bring her up slowly. I switch floggers as she hungrily dances. Our play is interactive. We joke and taunt each other. I tell to stick it out, she laughs and does the reverse.

Some Doms have to be in complete control and wouldn't tolerate her behavior. I just take it as a flirty plea for more. I am much bigger than Plum and enjoy knowing that she could never win our little game and I know her submission is her gift that she will ultimately offer.

I take my riding crop and now work over each breast. The pink wobbly bits are the last to succumb to my will. I enjoy seeing her wince and jump. I bring her up quickly, keep her on edge, and make her walk that thin line between pleasure and pain. I enjoy it as the line gets blurred. I relish it when she can not tell the difference. It is a space we both can enjoy.

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