Sunday, July 10, 2005

Thoughts on limits and D/s

Have been thinking about my experience with P. last week.
What turned him on was dominating me--having a woman--and eventually, a very naked woman--obey his commands as he pushed her to limits of what she would allow--and ordered her to do what HE wanted within that framework.
That mindset explains why he did not want to kiss, nor cuddle when we finished--
I could be a good, obedient girl--but his pleasure was not about being with me, his pleasure was around a feeling I helped supply.
On that level, I could be anyone, kind of.
This is a subtle shift in the dynamic but one I didn't see so clearly before.
This experience adds resonance to R's statements he only wants to dominate someone he is already close with and committed to--that's closer to what I want as well, I guess.

I also wonder if P would have beaten me to a pulp if I'd said he could--or left bruises everywhere.
On one hand, he was a perfect gentleman, who did NOTHING--except for those awful pinches in the car--that I did not allow--on the other hand, his pleasure in giving pain--and having women accept it--was unquestionable.

Yep, that night has given me a lot to think about.

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