Monday, July 11, 2005

(Somehow it seems like the knowledge base of ridiculous dating experiences is accelerating)

Email from a prospective Dom
Just got this email from a man I have never met or spoken to on the phone, who emailed me for the first time just 24 hours ago---(edited for length)

"I have enough experience as a Master to show you the way I want you to go. I can feel that thinking about this type of relationship is having an effect on you, it makes you excited. you want it, no you need it, you always needed this type of relationship and you know that deep inside. Now it has been described, you can almost taste it, but it is just a beginning, will you enjoy being used, how would you like to be used how will I use you for my pleasure and what pleasure will you get out of being used......

I know that on the plane ride home tomorrow you will be staring at the page of your book but you will be thinking about what it will be like to serve. your mind will be filled with visions of slavedom and anticipation of meeting your new Masters needs. Will you be able to please him, what will he do if he is not satisfied with your efforts. How exactly will he use you. You will be staring at the page but your mind will be wandering and your pussy will be getting damper and wetter the longer you ponder.

For instance for my pleasure you will be required to adopt "the position" at any time and immediately. Kneeling in front of your Master with your back to him, face on the floor, hands under your face, knees spread wide apart, ass stuck up as high as you can manage in the air, presented for my viewing pleasure, skirt hitched up and panties removed your butt and cunt naked, available and vulnerable. You will remain in that position until given permission to move. What will I use you for in that position, will I just mount you and ride your ass or your dripping wet cunt. Do you self lubricate easily...if not as you get into the position part of the ritual will be to grease yourself with a liberal amount of lubricant to make both holes accessible, you will do everything you can to please your Master ...Me....

Will I amuse myself by inserting objects inside your holes just to see you squirm and enjoy the look of embarrassment on your face.....or maybe I just use your ass as an ottoman and put my feet up and relax while I read a long book.

your tits .......your big bouncy tits, have you ever had them bound? tied up so tight that they look purple and angry, about to will!!! and they will be spanked too, they will be spanked when bound and when flopping around as my mood dictates...... it is not just your ass that is in for a spanking but your tits and your cunt...all need to be disciplined.
So yes we should meet for coffee.....but no I don't agree it doesn't just happen. It does and it has, you will address me as Sir in any and all further correspondence, and Master or Sir when we are alone together, in public you may address me as Steve. But only when we can be overheard by others.

When we are having our first coffee meeting you will still show me the respect I would get if I were to become your Master and if we decide on first meeting to go no further then so be it.
If we decide we want to meet again, you will be spanked on your bare bottom on our second meeting, remember this if and when you agree to meet with me again. I agree there are aspects of a D/s relationship that should not be practiced until exclusivity is agreed upon, and common sense will prevail. However time is required before that committment is made and you will have to prove yourself a worthy slave before that honor is bestowed on you.

So think long and hard on your plane trip home. Think of a place to meet for coffee, the choice I will leave up to you. Have the mindset that if we both decide to meet for a second time you will end the evening with a smarting red bottom. So a decision to meet twice is a decision that you want to present your bare bottom for my pleasure. If you feel that you need to wait for a third meeting before presenting your bare bottom for my pleasure then you have lost your chance with this Master.
Have a safe and thoughtful trip home.

So--this man wants me to Sir him and Master him in my email and we have never spoken or met?
I don't think so. Nope, No way, no how.

And be his slave?
What the hell for?


(Somehow it seems like the knowledge base of ridiculous dating experiences is accelerating)

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