Thursday, July 14, 2005


I meet you online.
We have coffee and you come back to my place.
Inside, I drop to my knees, unzip your pants, and pull out your cock.
It is large and heavy, with a big tip.
I ask you if I can take in my mouth.
When I touch you, I smell your light odor of sweat, felt the lightly throbbing vein on the side of your pink, straining flesh, then swallow you whole and begin to suck.
I can feel the salt rather than taste it as your hips arch against me and your hand steadies yourself against the back of my head.
I know you are looking down at a woman you have just met, full-bodied and round, who is taking you deep inside her mouth, teasing you with her tongue, and it makes you so hot.
When I lightly rake your balls with my fingers, exploring their texture, you jump, then relax into me,
"Come to the couch," you say.
We move and you open my blouse, discovering my breasts, touching them with your hands, smiling with delight. You bend your head and suck on the nipples, teasing with your tongue.
"Bite me,"I say, and you clamp down on the nipple, hard, giving me a pleasure completely mixed with pain.
The pain makes me want you and I arch my back and you sense it and everything speeds up.
Moments that stand out:
When we screw you hold my hands with yours, keeping me down.
Your cock is thick and I love the feeling of it inside me.
You push me legs back, inside me so deep, riding toward my g- spot.
Before you come, you slap my breasts and squeeze the nipples and the pain you deliver makes my pussy spasm in a way that grips you so tight it is only seconds till you come.
When we are done, you lie still for a moment, still inside me.
I feel the weight of you, your sweat on the small of your back.
"That was amazing,"you say. "Did you like it?"


figleaf said...

I like this fantasy, Plum. It's not quite assertive bottoming, more like explaining exactly what conditions would be perfect for you -- a nice mix of gentle, almost uncertain dominance from him, and active submission from you.

It's way more instructive than the "about me" section in most of personal ads. (I'm not suggesting you post that in an ad since I'm not sure it would be read correctly in that context.)

plum said...

thanks..i wish i had someone with whom to make it real.