Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Have I been well-used this month?

Well, I sucked the cocks of five different guys, two on a first date.
Let two guys fuck my face and spank me,
and had my pussy eaten enough times to begin to form an appreciate for technique.
I had my g-spot thrummed by four of the guys, and showed the fifth how to find it, and
was able to get fucked three times, by one sweet and enthusiastic guy, kinda vanilla, but good enough to make me come and come.

However, I am still waiting--have been waiting since May!--for Z to tie me up and whip me.

Still need to find someone I can care about and trust who can discipline me, dominate me in that way I find so sexy, and have real life rugged sex at the same time.

Yes, I want passion in my life.
I want to feel someone else's pulse beat, their erotic edge join mine and overcome me.

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Freya said...

I must admit that I'm spoiled. I'm not sure I could go without that kind of edgy sex with someone I totally trust myself to. It's not always that of course, sometimes it's sweet and gentle sex, sometimes it's perfunctory, but even then, I have that thread of connection.