Friday, July 22, 2005

The Dom's Kitchen

So I got an email from a local Dom whom I had asked: How would you want to begin with me?
He wrote me a very sexy email describing how he'd have me undress and touch me.
He says:
" When I find your clit I will lightly stroke it and I hope you will respond by rocking your hips to meet my strokes. I will lick your sweet juice from my fingers. I might bring you close to orgasm at this time, teasing you with the pleasure we both seek.
Then I will order you to kneel and hold my hardening manhood in your hands and lick it all over. When You have made me hard you will take me in your mouth and show me how much you want to give me pleasure but I will not cum in your mouth, but I will save that for later. If you are agreeable to all this I might bind your wrists and your breasts. A bound woman is very sexy for me. By this time I like to let the moment dictate my actions. I want to learn to read you and so I will not be harsh with you but I will be sensual and sexual. You will put a condom on me before I enter your hopefuly wet and willing pussy. I will also explore your anal opening with a gloved finger and lubricant. I do love anal sex!!"

He sends a picture. (See above).
What kind of person would get involved with a man whose kitchen looks like this?
What kind of person doesn't realize their kitchen is terrifying?

No thank you were my polite words (as I howled with laughter at the keyboard.)

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SK said...

You adventures of prospecting Doms is quite reminiscent of my own. And yes, I've been accused of being 'too picky' for passing on a guy b/c of 'ridiculously petty' things.

But I realized - why should we settle? Don't we deserve better?