Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Seeing G/horny

G and I are getting together.
He's spoken for, but I think he's developed a crush on me.
I have the hots for him.

Okay, in truth, I have the hots for what I imagine is his masterful love-making,
and my fantasy that because he is attached, as opposed to these pros I seem to
be dating, he'll be more eager to have that plain old long-neglected standby I seem unable to experience--good ol' fucking.

Yep, I would do almost anything to get laid.
Forget nipple clamps and spankings (yum), I want 6-9 inches of hot beef injection buried in a nice warm place.

Are we going to get it on?
I am going to prep the body parts as if, but in truth, I'm not sure--I would LOVE TO--but he is attached--
And as someone whose ex slipped out of the relationship on the thin legs of a friend turned affair, it cuts too close to home.

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