Saturday, July 16, 2005


Z was here tonight, horny.
He pulled me to him on the couch, pulled my shirt back and suck and bit my nipples.
I gasped with the pain, but it felt so good!
He knows just how to touch me--and as he sucked my nipples, I fondled his stiffening cock through his pants, that always feels erotic.
Within a few minutes we were naked and I was sucking his cock.
He moaned loudly as I worked him over, but he was too soft to come inside me, and
he didn't come.
After a while he took me into the bedroom, laid me down and did a great job eating my pussy.
After I screamed for a bit, he put his fingers inside me.
"Would it be okay if I turned over?"I asked, meaning I wanted to go onto my stomach, ass in the air, into what I know is the completely submissive pose.
"Sure," he said, and there I was, as bound to him as if I were roped, gasping with pleasure as his fingers filled me, pushing at my G-spot as my flesh gripped his hand.

Aside from the fact this guy can't fuck, the sex was hot.
If Z could tie me up and spank me every time, and fuck me once in a while, happiness would be mine.

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