Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More about G and me

So it turns out that the way G makes his ambivalence about his marriage more bearable is to have special friends from time to time.
Guess I just became a special friend.
We made love again in the morning, and I really enjoyed it--probably the most of the 3 times.
What did we do?
Took our clothes off, got under the sheets, and touched.
His skin is smooth as powder.
I put G's cock in my mouth, and sucked it, licked his balls, flicked my fingers across his legs, tracing the veins across his penis.
As I sucked, he grew larger, and darker, as red and rusty as a deep burgundy rose.
He entered me from behind and we did it doggie style, with a little spanking (new to him, but I said I liked it), then we moved and I came and sat on top of him, head thrown back, breasts bouncing as he tugged my nipples.
I could feel him inside me, feel myself tightening, feel the energy between us as we moved harder and faster, more purposefully toward an edge.
His penis was angled into my g-spot and it felt sooo good.
When he came, I felt the small explosion inside my tight pussy, and I came again, right after he did, and we collapsed, and lay still, and kissed and cuddled.

Yes, we pleased each other very much...not bad for two people who had so little practice together.

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