Saturday, September 10, 2005

V is not for Vanilla

There is nothing vanilla about a man who wants (needs) a butt plug and a pocket rocket vibrator inserted in his ass so he can come when I jerk him off.
Nothing vanilla about someone whose secret fantasy is blowing a guy, preferably one he's been watching screw his woman.
And nothing vanilla about someone whose favorite bad for you pasttime is visiting strip clubs, or happy ending masseuse parlors.
Yep, that's what I learned about V last night.
Along with the fact he has issues with being inside a woman, let alone coming inside her.

My plans for a second guy in the kinda vanilla but really likes to screw category got shot to hell by this puppy, who's more of the I'm a mess, kinkster waiting to happen, in therapy with two therapists cause I am conflicted about my desires tip.

Need I say the sex was pretty unsatisfying?
Or that I was really disappointed?

We had a great talk.
I fessed up my other guy is a dominant, and we talked about exploring your desires, giving yourself permission to experiment, etc.
I wondered if he'd like to submit--removing control might remove some of his issues, as he called them.
I suggested he should hire a guy and act out his fantasies safely and see what he thought.

But at the end of the day, the sex was eh on my end.
I like this guy, a lot, but I like having great sex even more, so I think I am going to see him couple more times, see what develops, and if the sex doesn't inprove, confess what a sex maniac I am and move on.

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