Saturday, September 03, 2005

Dommed by Z, again

We're fucking.
I'm astride him, riding his cock, my breasts bouncing in the air.
His hands rake my breasts, come up to slap my face, pull and tweak my nipples.
I feel myself close down around his cock, grip him hard, squeezing so tight as
the pain turns to pleasure.
Ride me, you fucking slut, my big breasted fucktoy, he stammers. Ride my cock.
We come, first me and then him, waves of pure feeling, release, and it feels so good,
so natural, so much the two of us in sync.

Later, we lie on the sweat-soaked bed, naked, talking.
Z looks into my eyes.
"I think about rope and tying you up. I want to tie you on all fours with your ass in the air, your arms bound hand to elbow, your ankles tied together," he says, "I want you to be completely exposed to me, gagged and blindfolded. I'm going to put a butt plug in your ass and a dildo up your cunt. And then I'm going to suck on your clit, and suction it till it's big and sensitive.
And I'm going take some of that lube that gets hot and put it there and blow on it till you can't take the sensation.
And then I'm going to lick you with my tongue, tease you until you want to come and bury my
face in your pussy."

As he talks, I start to get excited. "Z, can I touch myself?" I ask.
"Yes. "

My hand creeps between my legs, fingers making wet, stroking circles.
Umm, I say, that sounds good

"Yes, you'll love it when I do that, wont' you?" he says."And then I'm going to take out the butt plug and I'm going to fuck your ass, first with a dildo and then with my cock. I'm going to rape it because it belongs to me, just like you do."

My hand is between my legs, touching myself as I listen to him.

Six months ago--even four--I would have left the room if anyone said anything like this to me; now, with Z, I know I will do everything he suggests.
"Get down and suck my cock," he commands. "Worship it."

I can taste myself on his skin as I take him in my mouth,
smell our past love-making as I run my tongue along the shaft,
tease his glans so lightly with my teeth.
I press my breasts together and wrap them around his cock, teasing him with the erect tips, then burying him deep inside my mouth.
"Fuck me," he orders, and I am astride him again, he's thrusting up from under me, pounding and hard, and my brain says I can't take this and I realize how tired I am, how spent, and how it doesn't matter, I am going to keep going until I give Z what he wants.


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Jefferson said...

You write such hot sex, you made my clit swell!