Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dominant and submissive

I never call him Master or Sir.
He's not interested in discipline.
With every scenario we've discussed, I've never said no,
but I'm only submissive in the bedroom.

And yet, when it comes to D/s, Z owns me.
There is no question, when we are together, that I feel I belong to him.
That he has control of everything
and my wish is to please him.

As for Z, his wish is to pleasure me, to show me aspects of myself that I (less experienced)
have never seen, and to deepen the intensity between us to make our relationship
as rich, as powerful, as we can make it be.
And of course, to be in control, to enjoy how I have become his slut, to see the choices I make again and again to give myself to him, to surrender, all out of passion and love.


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