Friday, September 23, 2005

Sex and the future

Things I haven't done yet, but enjoy thinking about:

  • A threesome with two guys
  • A threesome with a couple
  • (Safe) sex with a stranger
  • Making love with G in the mountains (this is going to happen next week)
  • Making out with a super hot woman
  • Z getting me to squirt
  • Z collaring me and fucking me in the ass
  • Revenge sex with my ex (this will NEVER happen)
  • Hogtied by Z
  • Visiting a sex club and watching

Fantasies...part of the fun is that only some of them become real.


SK said...

Definitely agree with you - many of the fantasies I've entertained, are just that - fantasies - and they are better off left that way. Others, on the otherhand, have been quite amazing. And others, well, weren't quite all they were hacked up to be.

Hopefully you'll have the wisdom to know the difference. :)

Jefferson said...

Okay, let me just sharpen my pencil to make a few notes . . .