Saturday, September 10, 2005

24 hours away with Z

I am going to spend the weekend with Z--in a hotel!
I love sex in hotels, but my ex didn't like to travel with me--and he didn't
like nice hotels, either.
Z is packing all his toys and we are going to spend the afternoon in bed.
Then we are going to go out to supper and the theatre.
I am imagining that I will ask Z what he would like me to wear, and that
he will watch as I get dressed in my lingerie, garters, fishnets, heels, clothes.
And that he will make me wear a buttplug or some other thing when we go out.
I love that idea.

I also know that somewhere on my body, probably my well-spanked ass, there will be bruises or finger marks that show.
And that no one will know, besides us, about these secrets we share.
And I love that, too.

24 hours away with Z.
No computers or email.
No blogs.
Just me and just him.

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