Friday, September 16, 2005

Love & other things like sex

Over the past six months that I have been seeing Z, he's come to occupy an increasingly central role in my life.
Not only has he been my sexual mentor, he's been the most wonderful friend.
And someone I am growing to love.
Yes, for the first time since I was married, I am starting to feel love for someone else than my ex and it's just an amazing thing, because while the feelings of love and care are familiar, everything else is different--

  • I don't want to live with Z or be married
  • I don't plan to be monogamous (and he knows this)
  • I'm slowly and systematically exploring the concept of question everything, the subversive's motto
When we met, I was alone, horny, adventurous and questioning, but over the months he has proved himself to be someone special, someone who is gaining my heart.

And yet, it's not going to be an exclusive journey...

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