Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Spent time with some friends over the past few days who have a fairly new relationship.
My friend Z says that she and Y have sexual issues to work out, and that he's never been with anyone like her.
Talking separately with Y, it turns out he is a long-time Dominant, whose previous lovers have all been submissives--both of the strong woman outside the bedroom and the quite submissive types. He's also just a year sober and very much in love with my friend, but some of the sexual, uh, adjustments, are a little challenging for them...he's used to have toys, and play, and control be part of his sexual life in a way she doesn't like.
After a while, I shared with Y that I was exploring D/s with Z; it was interesting that we re on two sides of the cycle--Y moving away from D/s to be with Z; me moving into it with Z.
Ya never know, do you.

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