Monday, September 05, 2005

Doing V

We're naked, on my bed, our skin glowing against the white sheets and pillows as dusk falls.
I'm on all fours, bent over his cock, delicately licking the deep pink tip before taking it full into my hungry mouth.
V lies back, almost purring, his hand gripping the hair at the back of my head, pulling me down as I suck the tip and let my fingers tease the ridges of skin along his balls.
The pre-cum glistens as I lift my mouth from his cock, and he almost gasps as I enfold his cock in my breasts, rubbing the skin slowly up and down.
I am able to flick my tongue over the tip as he rides between my breasts, flick my tongue on the shaft as I grasp the base and rub, flick my tongue on his balls as I consider putting a finger in his ass and decide, not.
V is vanilla, not into D/s and unaware of my special quirks.
He is my experiment, a nice healthy man to fuck, only it turns differently than I'd planned.

For one thing, V is on drugs--the kind that make it hard to come.
For another, V's cock is somewhat small--not the big dick I'd fantasized about filling me up.
But V is a sweetie, with smooth, warm skin, big strong hands, and a wonderful tongue he likes to stick in all sorts of warm places.
He's an enthusiastic kisser, able not to bite, and when he puts his fingers inside me and rubs the g-spot as he licks me with that talented tongue, I want to sing glory hallelujah.
Only V may not come (my ex had this problem), so how can I reciprocate?

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