Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dommed by Z, 3

Yesterday, Z gave me my collar, black leather and wide, with three big O-rings.
Then I modelled for him.
First, the new black corset embroidered with roses, black lace panties, black stockings and my new four-inch black high heels.
Next, the black waist-cincher garters with my black demi bra and fishnet stockings.
After that, the crotchless fishnet body suit, black thread lacing my entire body.
Finally, the dark purple lace demi bra and boycut shorts with garters and gray stockings.

Z snaps on the leash and makes me walk around the room with him.
He pulls me along like a puppy, and I hurry to keep up with him.

Now imagine me bending over as Z takes a paddle to my ass.
Imagine the fine sandpaper rubbing, hard, against the very softest white skin.
Imagine how red my bottom gets as Z smacks me, over and over.
Imagine how I moan as he pulls the collar tight and pushes me up against him, my knees on the bed.
"Hit me, hit me harder," I beg as the paddle comes down again and again, and god, it feels so good.

Now imagine that Z orders me on all fours and puts a buttplug in my ass.
Then imagine he takes a small vibrating egg and puts in inside my vagina.
He spanks me with his bare hand, his other hand working the egg.
As his fingers find their way inside me, I shudder and cry out.
The orgasms come so strong I feel like I am going to explode, feel wrung out like a washcloth and them smoothed flat to dry.
Oh, R, that was so good, that was amazing I say.

Soon, Z is beside me bed, pulling my collar so I must suck his cock.
He thrusts himself deep inside me over and over, his balls in my mouth as I grasp the shaft, rubbing and squeezing, then inside my mouth as I take him all in, as tight and deep as a swallow, a caress that is dark and wet and comes from the inside.

"Get on top, fuck me," he says, and I hurry to obey, moving his hard cock into my pussy, feeling it go just right and then we are together on the mystery pleasure ship, the wheel spinning and spinning as we bounce, as I rock on top of him, as I moan and cry out and he screams as the orgasm just ripples though him and into me and once again we are holding together, completely in sync, drained of everything but the pleasure that's burned into our intensity, the softness with which we kiss.

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