Sunday, September 18, 2005

In Z's bed

We're in bed after a long night out.
I am staying over, something I rarely do.
We kiss passionately, our tongues tracing each others' mouths,
our teeth tugging on our lips, ever so gently.
"Suck my cock," Z says and I lick delicately at the tip before slipping it in my mouth.
I think about the roughness of my tongue, cloaking my teeth, and the two fingers I am pressing
against his balls as I take the shaft deep into my mouth, kissing and sucking.
z grabs my neck with his hand and pulls me toward him by my throat.
Back and forth he guides me, my neck in his hand, my throat under his fingers as his cock slides down deep.
The pressure on my windpipe is crushing and thick, but I love the minute or so Z holds me like that--and how he knows to take his hand away, after a bit.
Soon, we are fucking, my legs jackknifed, over my head, my arms stretched out against the headboard, holding the posts as he thrusts into me, one steady stab after another.
It feels so good to have him inside me, to feel my pussy tighten and bear down on him as I will him to come, the muscles tightening so hard the pressure is almost unbearable, intense.
He doesn't come; instead, he pushes me flat and puts his hand inside me, the three middle fingers thick and blunt, pushing deep into my cunt, the little finger inside the tight pipe of my ass, his thumb grazing my clit.
He pushes hard and harder, jamming fingers into me, stroking the g-spot till I want to scream, till I do scream and then explode, as wrung out as a towel.
I am so spent I cannot move.
So spent I lie flat, relaxed
--But Z is not done with me.

Under his command, I open myself again to his tongue, a probing, whispering presence that makes me feel insane.
When finally I come, I am almost begging, reluctant, filled with a power I cannot stop, one that Z will push and tease even as I scream.
"I love to see you come," he says later. "I love to see how I control you, how I can make you feel so desired. I love the fact that those hot tits and that spankable ass belong to me."


Buffalo said...

Hot, hot, hot, hot. Good for you.

Marvin said...

Sounds like R and I would get along. We share some techniques ;)