Saturday, May 21, 2005

Z, erect

So Z came over last night. We decided to stay in and relax and skip the movies.
I brought him into my bedroom, removed most of his clothes, got some body lotion, and gave him a most excellent massage: shoulders, arms, legs, feet, hands, back.
He loved it and then he wanted me to scratch his back (guys all like one thing!)
After that, I took him underwear off and gave him a blow job, teasing him with my fingers and tongue.
Every time I go down on him--and this is only time #3 or #4--he feels differently to me.
This time he sprang up hard; he felt great inside my mouth as he began to use my mouth.
I wrapped my big breasts around his cock and he went crazy; his mind was as excited as his body.
I alternated between breasts and mouth till he couldn't wait any longer.
"Come on top of me. Put me inside you," he panted.
I did, but I felt large to myself--and he felt small--but he didn't seem to notice--he was so thrilled to finally be erect inside me (this man has a problem with medication)
I moved, he moaned, and soon he came.
I touched myself to see if he'd really come inside me--and yes, he did.
I was thrilled for him, but unsatisfied.

On the other hand, he'd made me come at least three times the last time we got together, with nothing for himself, so I was happy to let him have the attention.
I'd become completely naked somewhere in the middle of all this and we spent the next 2 hours lying together cuddling and talking. We had a great talk,one that made me feel even closer to him and more intimate than I did before.
I will see him again tomorrow.

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