Friday, May 20, 2005

Drinks with a Dom

So I am dating R, a wonderful Dom who has some problems that lead to major complications.
So I agreed to meet L tonight, another Dom who sounds very compatible to me.
We had drinks at a localwine bar, out in the garden where we could talk alone.
2 hours of talking, flirting and laughing.
He's been divorced several years, one kid still at home, got into D/s after the divorce.
Very interested in orgasm control, exhibitionism, control, breasts, did I say control?
And what am I into, he wants to know?
Blushing a bit, I describe my interests and a couple fantasies.
It seems to be going really well...I like him.
At the end of the night, we are talking, I am a little drunk, and I want to show my power, so apropose of something, I reach over, put his thumb in my mouth and suck on it, tonguing and biting a bit.
It's intensely erotic, but brief.
We talk out and he takes my hand.
At my car, he leans back, presses me into him, and we begin to kiss.
He is an excellent kisser, with a warm, firm mouth.
Lightly, his hand strokes one of my nipples, tracing it, as he kisses me.
As I respond, he presses me further against him, arching my back.
We stop.
"You're a good kisser," he says.
"You too, "I say.
"Wow, when you put my finger in your mouth back there.."
We agree we want to see one another again, maybe this weekend.
I leave feeling excited, like maybe I've met someone new.

Of course, then I stop and realize..if I date two Doms and don't tell one about the other, will I have two sets of marks?
And how would I explain that?
Uh, oh.

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