Saturday, May 21, 2005

The other MIA

So it's Saturday, but the other Dom, the new guy, so to speak, seems to have melted away.
He emailed me after the evening, thanking me, etc.
We then traded some voice mail, but I was insulted that he didn't call till 9:30 PM Friday to make plans for Saturday..and then I couldn't call back till Sat am anyway.
And now it's Saturday and we are clearly not getting together and who knows what to think?
Forgiving side

  • Guy's kid needs a graduation dress
  • He's shy
  • We didn't make a date

Suspicious side
  • This is passive aggressive-you talk about making a date, you make a date
  • He wants me to call more than once; I won't
  • He doesn't want to get together anymore, who knows why.

Anyone of these could be true--or none of them could be.
I thought he was cute, but this behavior gives me pause...

Also, I decided that if he did call me again, I would not go out within unless he gave me more than his first name, email address, and cell phone--a last name, a business card and a home address are more what I have in mind.

So, seeing other people may be a moot point for now.

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