Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I just fucked, sucked and toe-sucked the X.
As in soon to be ex-husband.
He is so vanilla, but he has the biggest most beautiful cock ever--one I didn't appreciate when I had nothing to compare it to.
A cock too big to fit into my mouth completely.
A cock he'd never before used to fuck my face as he pulled my hair (yes, he liked that).
I also asked him to put two fingers inside me up toward my g-spot as he went down on me (I liked that), and I told him if he pulled and squeezed my nipples as his cock was inside me (I was on top), he'd feel my pussy tighten and clamp down on him.
Guess I've gotten over not saying what I wanted during sex.

What I noticed was that while it was super great to be with him, touch him, enjoy him, I found myself having to fantasize a bit to enjoy the sex with him--something that is not true outside of my relationship with him.
I also missed the intoxicating sense of intimacy and edge that D/s makes me feel--while X has a wonderful body, one I have loved for years, and is a super guy, he likes it slow and gentle while I like it fast and rough.
Nevertheless, it was amazing to have him inside me, and if we could do this again, I would be thrilled.

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