Monday, May 23, 2005

12 hours, Sex two ways

Last night, we were in bed cuddling, with Z rubbing my nipples and pulling them.
Of course, I got completely aroused after a bit.
And I wanted to .go down on him.
So I did, and he put his hand inside me, very effectively, I'd say, and came in my mouth.
I came as well.

This morning, I started off fondling his nice hard morning erection, taking the tip in my mouth, licking and sucking him, and then switched to rubbing him between my big breasts.
And then, at a certain point, we just had to fuck.
Nothing would do but for him to be inside me.
Fortunately, I was wet and I got on top of him and leaned back and rode the pony.
"You look so beautiful" he said.
I was concentrating on making myself tight, tighter than last time, so I could really feel him come inside me.
Head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth open and moaning a bit.
He reached up, grabbed my sensitive nipples, and pulled and squeezed hard.
That did it--I was as tight as could be and we came together, moaning.

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