Friday, May 20, 2005

Deep breath...and hello

Hi, there, welcome to my private world.
This is my third or fourth blog, but I've learned from experience, and this one is going to be completely private.
I don't want to slip the URL to a few trusted friends, and then realize I can't write about my growing interest in D/s, spanking, polyamory, shibari, and all sorts of other things that are claiming more and more of my attention.
Call me a reclaimed workaholic who had to go through a traumatic breakup before she stopped escaping her uhappy marriage through work, or a compulsive blogger who's gotten used to writing everything down (and has an exhibitionistic streak--at least on paper)--and both those things would be true.
The main reason, though, that I am starting this blog, my friends, is to have a place to talk freely about all the marvelous things that are claiming my attention and all the new ideas and sensations--and to invite you--if you are interested, to be part of the conversation and yes, the dance.

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