Friday, May 20, 2005

More about last night

So after we had finished, we lay on the bed and cuddled and talked.He told me about a woman he'd fisted--I guess several--and said he thought I was too small for that. We talked about more rope, being restrained, about tying vibrators into the ropes so I felt it against my clit, or inside me, held down by the rope.

We talked about the big glass dildo and the butt plug I saw that I'm waiting for him to produce sometime.
And the beautiful black latex flogger he brought, which we did not get to.
I learned that I wasn't just imagining that I really like some pain,m actually more than I thought, and feel like I've made a wonderful choice in choosing J and becoming his private, submissive slut.
Of course, this is the only place I know of, more or less, that I can talk about this--my life is VERY vanilla, so I think friends would be horrified and NOT understand how liberating it feels, how much more myself I feel right now, and how exciting it all is.

Who do you share your stories with?

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