Saturday, July 14, 2007


His cock is long and thick, fleshy at the tip, and as he gets hard it seems to grow bigger and bigger, some exploding plastic dirigible of a dick.

I want to take it all into my mouth and feel the tip push against the back of my throat, I want him to shove inside until I drool and choke, and it's good he knows I want exactly that and that he reaches down and grabs a hold of my hair and presses his pelvis into my face, it's good he wraps a leg around my throat and throws his hips half over my body (after making sure I have a free hand to push him away if I need to breathe), and it's especially good when I feel him start to explode, his dick farther down my throat than anyone's ever been, the orgasm starting to build in a way that makes me just want to swallow him.

And then it's fireworks and rockets and a faintly bitter taste in my mouth and my drooling semen and his hips rocking as he comes and comes, away in another place now, and yet completely here with me, sucked off by my pussy mouth.

Ladies and gentleman meet Morgan, a very special new friend.

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Mina said...

sounds very special!