Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Magic, again (taking a pass)

Magic was here last night, charming and smart and friendly.
Only when he kissed me and when we made out on the couch, his energy was...dark.

Under the smiling exterior, my friend Magic was a dark animal, all snarling fangs and claws and teeth, teeth he carefully controlled so as not to scare away the lovely maiden, the maiden unrestrained by cuffs or rope.

A biter. Fierce. Maybe even possessed by an animalistic fantasy.

His mouth, his hands and teeth on my body felt good, I moaned when he tugged at my lips and my clit, but I was scared.

There is no way I could ever let that dark energy inside me, ever let that animal force come close enough to risk he'd tear me apart,

Magic, I am going to tell you no thanks, this girl is taking a pass.

1 comment:

Curvaceous Dee said...

Perhaps send him my way? He sounds a lot like Adonis - yum!

But everyone's different, and if he's not right for you, then it's good to take a pass.

xx Dee