Monday, July 02, 2007

Casual dating: a window opening, wide

So spending the night with someone as a loving friend probably has its good points, but my date last night wasn't just nice, it sizzled!

Lots of great talk, food, walking (all things I like), more talk, hugs and kisses and more touch, and the...more touch after that.

And while size doesn't matter, the fact he had a pretty great and thick cock was a discovery I didn't expect..and that fact he stuck his finger in my butt as he massaged my g-spot, and that he had a wonderful, probing was all good. As was the cuddling, the talk about sex and fantasies, the cuddling and..the cuddling.

This morning, we made love again and it was so nice and I felt so good about the connection.

And then he left and we agreed we'd want to see one another again, but didn't set a date--and a window into what more casual dating might look and feel like suddenly opened, wide.

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